Stage Curtain & Rigging Terms

Proscenium Valance:  valance curtain that covers the proscenium opening at the front of the stage.

Main Traveler: the first full traveler set located at the front of the stage.  Also know as the “house curtain”.

Midstage Traveler:  the second full traveler set located at the midstage area.

Side Legs:  curtains located at the side or wings of the stage.  These curtains provide screening for stage wing areas.

Masking Border:  curtains that span the entire width of the stage and provide masking for light sets, traveler tracks or other curtain hardware.

Rear Traveler or Back Drop:  the last full traveler set located at the back of the stage.

Back Drop: a full-length stationary curtain located at the rear of the stage.  Used for screening the back wall or the stage or for scenery purposes.

Scrim:  a net-like curtain that is used for screening and lighting purposes.

Rigging:  anything that provides suspension for stage curtains or light sets.

Dead Hung Rigging:  stationary rigging that is suspended from the building structure.

Counterweight Fly Rigging:  moveable rigging that operates on a cable and pulley system and is counterbalanced with steel weights.